Age And Sex

Far too many men and women think that sex is something that can only be good if the people involved in the erotic play are younger or such but the fact is that many men and women have excellent, fun, and wonderful sex lives for a very long time, well into their seventies and even eighties.  While there are certain things that change over time and can change the way men and women have sex the fact is that men and women can have sex and have good orgasms at any time in their lives.  Some men and women, in fact, say that while they may have had sex when they were in the twenties or such they didn't really come to really enjoy sexual play and contact until they were much later in life as when they had sex while younger they didn't understand their bodies or what they liked to do, sexually.  Many men and women say that the sex they have had in the fifties or even later is much better as they finally understand that sex is all about and what sex should or should not be to be good.  So keep this in mind when you get older: that for many people sex gets better as they get older and that while it's fun when younger it gets great later on.


Housesitting for fun

Housitting for a friend in a warmer climate in the middle of winter can be a really great opportunity for some fun.  First of all, itís nice to go to somewhere warm in the middle of a snowy winter, especially if the friend has a great house with a pool and a hot tub.  Second, it can be a lot of fun to go meet some new people and maybe have some fun dates and hot sex encounters.  The housesitter is probably already feeling kind of relaxed and rejuvenated from the warmer temperatures and the feeling of decadence from having a nice vacation that doesnít really cost them anything since theyíre not paying for a hotel.  Theyíre probably feeling pretty lucky, and being able to wear summer clothes and feel the sun on their skin in the middle of winter is probably making them feel really sexy and hedonistic.  If the person is on any sex hookup sites or dating websites, it will be easy to get in touch with people in the area.  Meetup groups in the area are also a great way to meet people and find some fun activities and things to do with some local people.  If the person is kind of kinky, looking up local dungeons is another way to meet people that may be interested in partying, sex and having some fun on a temporary basis.


A Fine Line

When joining online dating websites, there are a few things that people should keep in mind.  When people are on the website, no matter which one it is, they appear as online and in most cases their profile jumps up to the top of most searches.  The more a persons profile is noticeable, the more they will get checked out, the more contacts they will get and the better their chances will be to get dates.  Theres kind of a fine line with that though.  People that are logged in constantly can be considered kind of weird.  People will start commenting about that person in a more negative way.  It ends up seeming kind of creepy, especially to women.  People start to wonder if the person that is logged in all the time has any kind of life at all or if all they do is sit online all day and night.  Thatís not the type of person most people would be interested in for a romantic relationship.  The best bet is probably to log in to the website a few evenings a week, so that itís obvious that the person is truly interested in internet dating but also has other things to do.  Logging in on Friday and Saturday nights can make it look like a person has no friends and nothing to do, and that doesnt look good to potential dates.


Taking it Easy

Everyone should reserve a certain day when they can just take it easy and not concern themselves with much of anything beyond doing what is fun and relaxing for them. This is needed to recharge the batteries and replenish lost energies. It will provide a person with a greater opportunity to give productive and progressive work during rest of their work week and better attention to their intimate lives as well. This is only sound business practices and should be regularly instituted if a person is wise. If they are not wise they will work themselves into an early grave and plenty of doctor visits on the way. This is no healthy way to live, yet still many people persist to their misfortune. A person should always make it a point to have as much sex as they possibly can on that regular basis. The health benefits that have been proven cannot be denied. People should realize fully what getting a good blowjob or pussy licking can do for them. They should be eager to get with it as often as they can and they should not hesitate when the chance comes to them. They should think of it like driving sometimes the fuel reserves fall and they must be replenished if they want to keep driving and making progress. It is simply good solid maintenance for the body and soul. It only makes common sense and satisfies practicality for those who absolutely must meet these requirements first. 



Sleeping Partner, Hidden Penis

It happens all the time. Your partner has fallen asleep before you got the chance to play with his cock.  Or maybe you woke up in the middle of the night all horned up and youre in the mood to hide your sausage in her pussy.  Too late now, youíll just have to wait until tomorrow or do you?  Getting the naked games started while your partner is sleeping can be a racy way to engage in foreplay. 

There are, however, complications to sleep sex.  It is important to make sure that awakening your partner in this manner has been previously agreed to.  Some people have extreme aversions to being awakened in non-traditional ways and may be disoriented and/or unresponsive.  This should not be a traumatizing experience for your partner so discuss it before making any plans to try this at home. 

But, if you and your partner do decide to try sleeping sex, enjoy it.  Remember that sex should be fun, whether awake or asleep during the act, be aware of your partnerís nonverbal response cues and make sure you are not forcing yourself into something that will get you punched in the mouth.  This is not a recommendation for rape (unless youre into that sort of thing).  This is merely a suggestion for consensual sex between couples who have already determined that sleep sex is a hot, erotic way to awaken your lover for even more bedroom fun.   



Two Girls Kissing

The office party was getting really wild.  Beth already had two drinks and she was feeling tipsy.  Sitting down on her best in her private office she tried to decide if she should try to get home or stay longer.  Then her secretary, Tish, came in to see how she was.  Beth said that she was fine but tipsy.  Tish held up an empty glass and said that she was a little drink to. 
"You are a great boss," Tish then said, stepping closer. 
Then, very quickly, she bent forward and kissed Beth on the lips.  Shocked, Beth didn't know what to do, but she knew she didn't want to stop kissing her.  Tish then started to caress her boss's tits, stroking her very hard nipples, as she mumbled that Beth was wonderfully hot.  Beth's pussy got very wet and she immediately wanted Tish to lick her.  Getting up her grabbed Tish's tits as well and almost fainted when she felt how hard the other girl's nipples were.  She put a hand under Tish's skirt and felt that her panties were soaking wet.  Then she started to rub Tish's clit and the Tish began to moan and say all kinds of sexy things to Beth.  Beth grinned and got down on her knees and began to lick Tish's pussy through her panties.  After Tish came like crazy she took her hand and said that she wanted Tish to come home with her. 
It was certainly a wild party, but a great one for the boss and her secretary.



Eggs Everywhere

I heard the other day how this british celebrity wrote in his new book that he was 90% gay and 10% straight.  Obviously everyone already knew he was gay, but apparently there were 2 women that he met and actually was attracted to in a sexual way and probably even fucked them.  Well I'm pretty sure I'm in the same boat.  I've been strictly gay for 4 years and dabbled a little with the pussy for 2 years prior with little or no joy.  Yesterday however I walked into this caviar shop and gazed at the most luscious of all creatures!  Yes her features are a bit manly...but perhaps this is was I needed!  Being one way sexually can get a bit old, everyone needs to spice up their routine from time to time don't you think?  Well this creature oozes pure sex I could hardly even contain my boner.  I now have spent over $500 this month on caviar alone!  I'm practically sinking under mountains of fish eggs!  Right now I'm just enjoying the fantasy but I can already feel that fading.  Soon I will have to make my move and just go two feet in.  I hope she likes caviar!